weekly challenges





Take a look at the video from October 14. There I use couple patterns - all played in 16th note triplets: RLLRRL (1st and 3rd measure) / KRL (second measure - repeated twice) / R LKRL (last measure).


The challenge is to pick two of the patterns, mix them together and build 4 different drum fills using different orchestrations. Take it slowly at first, get used to the motion, then speed up the tempo.

The example mix of the patterns: RLLRRL KRLRLL RRLKRL RLLRRL (one bar).

Feel free to send me your ideas and results! :)


Take a look at the video from October 23. There I play a groove that is built using a specific idea. Do you recognize it? Take a listen and thing before you go on reading the challenge.

If you can't see its special structure, no worries! The idea behind that groove (and also many grooves that I think of - I really like this method) is that the groove loops in two bars where both are very similar to each other. The first bar is like a simple version of the second one and this way I create a specific conversation between both bars, can you hear that?

It's like the first bar a question and second an answer which makes the whole thing very logical and musical.

I'd like you to create 4 different grooves based on this idea. A good way to start out is to obviously think of the first bar of the groove. Take something very simple. Then repeat the same thing in the second bar but change something - one thing for now, for example add hi hat opening.

That may be your first groove. Then try to change the second bar in the other way so that you get an interesting two bar loop that appears to be a logical sentence. 

Send me your ideas and recordings of you playing them - I'll be happy to give you feedback! :)