Crossover RLLK Chop

Dedicated for: advanced level


Pages: 27

No. of video presentations: 11

Total videos duration: 20:30


In this lesson I present you a great looking drum fill that is based on a 32nd note pattern: R L L K


First I show you different ways to get comfortable with the pattern on the snare drum and then on the whole set by orchestrating it. The central point of the lesson is the crossover chop. I explain certain movements in details as well as give you some tips on how to memorise it.


In two next chapters I present various ways to modify the length and subdivision of the pattern as well as its sticking along with maintaining the crossover motion. In the last chapter I sum up all the most important tips I gave you throughout the lesson.


The video presentations with a view from behind my back will let you easily understand the hard looking movements as well as relate them to your own body.