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Foot Technique Fundamentals

Foot Technique Fundamentals

Dedicated for: beginner to intermediate levels


Pages: 28

No. of video presentations: 19

Total videos duration: 27:34


You may find this lesson in the COMPLETE Single Bass Drum Workout course. There you also get plenty of great and effective exercises for your bass drum technique development.


In this lesson I widely describe my foot technique. I start out with the basics, so I go through all the fundamentals like the bass drum pedal setup and the general technique I use for single strokes. Then I show you how to approach multiple strokes.


Here you will learn what to focus on while developing your own technique. I give you many tips on making yourself comfortable with the pedal and explain all the technical aspects of playing the bass drum constantly mentioning their purposes and the reasons behind them.

In the lesson I explain HOW I set up the pedal and play different strokes, but also WHY I do it this way, so that you may understand the purpose of certain actions I take.

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