The Best Bass Drum Exercise Ever!

Dedicated for: all levels


Pages: 20

No. of video presentations: 4

Total videos duration: 5:30


No wonder why I called this lesson "The Best Bass Drum Exercise Ever!". This single exercise let me greatly develop my foot technique and gave me lots of freedom in different strokes set in the groove. It's based on a specific two bar combination of single, double, triple and quadruple strokes.


I start out with the very basics, so I present you a groove that remains unchanged till the end. Through the next couple steps I develop the bass drum pattern within the beat and make it more difficult.


In the final step I present you the most challenging combination that is at the same time our best bass drum exercise ever. There I also suggest ways to approach and practice this exercise so that it gives you the best and quickest results.


If you're a double bass drum player, this lesson is for you too, since in the following chapter I show you how to take advantage of the final exercise and modify it so that you can efficiently develop both feet separately or at the same time. 


As always, I conclude the lesson with useful tips on different aspects of drumming and practicing method that I gather within one chapter.