The Copycat Bass Drum Exercises

Dedicated for: all levels


Pages: 29

No. of video presentations: 10

Total videos duration: 7:54


In this lesson I show you a set of single bass drum exercises that will strengthen your technique in single, double and multiple strokes and let you get more comfortable with different combinations that include both your hands and foot.


First I go through all the basic exercises that include singles, doubles, triples and quadruples applied to hands and foot. I show them to you both starting with hands and the foot part. There you have also different sticking options for all the exercises. I also mention important aspects like dynamics and technique and give you some tips on how to get comfortable with different bass drum strokes.


In the final chapter I join together all the basic exercises and form one that includes all the important and challenging aspects combined. Then I show you various ways to practice it and modify the phrase length of the exercise. I conclude the lesson with some useful tips that I collect in one place.