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10 Concepts to Boost Your CREATIVITY

10 Concepts to Boost Your CREATIVITY

Dedicated for: all levels


Number of pages: 160+

Video presentations: 60 + materials presenting concepts application in daily playing

Total videos duration: 1,5h


Feeling stuck in a rut? Playing the same thing all over again? Can't somehow think of any new ideas?


Then this course is perfect for you! Here I show you many different ways to deal with these problems and teach you methods to boost your creativity in playing drums to maximum. 


Chapters list:

1. Keep That 2 & 4 (on the snare)

2. Creative Rudiment Application

3. Over The Bar Line

4. Linear Grooves & Fills

5. Single Strokes Improvisation

6. Kick - Snare - Hat Improvisation

7. Improvisation Over a Rhythm

8. Repeating Fill

9. Odd Groupings

10. Creative Drum Setup

11. Tips To Boost Creativity


For every chapter you have video presentations with the general idea and examples. Some of them include loops where you can play along with me!


Creativity tasks will force you to think outside the box and apply the concepts in your playing - in your own unique way.


What you get:

- PDF - 10 Concepts to Boost Your Creativity - core of the course

- access to all the videos in High Quality (online)

- access to all the videos in Google Drive (lower quality, downloadable)

- Music Notation Basics PDF


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