The best for:

- starting playing drums

- strengthening and revising basics and fundaments


  • 4 hours of video presentations
  • over 100 music examples
  • creative approach (challenges and tasks, call & response, listening exercises)
  • simple english language



The course package comes with:

  • THE MAIN CORE - PDF with videos, images, text and notation (240 pages)
  • PRACTICE SCHEDULE TEMPLATE (in editable files for planning your practice sessions)
  • ESSENTIAL DRUM BOOKLET (with all the most important course concepts in a printer friendly version)
  • MUSIC NOTATION BASICS (detailed explanation of the music notation basics)


In the course I teach you step by step how to play drums - from knowing completely nothing to becoming a drummer! It's also great for revising and strengthening basics and fundaments of playing drums!



Upon completion of the course you’ll have all the necessary tools to:

- play basic beats and drum fills

- use basic techniques

- learn necessary patterns and their application

- play famous grooves and fills

- learn about technical aspects of playing drums

- learn how to tune drums

- schedule an effective practice session

- work with a metronome
- operate with different sounds on the drum set
- setup the drum set properly
- achieve a coordination on an intermediate level

- improvise over basic concepts
- read music notation... and much more!



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