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[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 150 Grooves & Drum Fills

[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 150 Grooves & Drum Fills

Level: intermediate - advanced


Product bundle of 150 quick lessons in total made of 3 big lesson packs:

- 50 EPIC Drum Fills

- 50 Super Musical Grooves

- 50 Random Grooves & Fills


A collection of 150 various Grooves and Drum Fills presented in the well-known lesson format:

  • 3 tempos (fast, medium, slow)
  • notation and sticking
  • no talking


What you get:

- lifetime access to files (with download option)

- small size and high quality videos

PDF file with all the notation

Music Notation Basics (PDF)


While working on the ideas from the collection you'll greatly develop many different areas of drumming. 


The lessons come from the Daily Drum Lesson program (discontinued). If you were a subscriber, please contact me for exclusive discount coupon. 


See lesson examples in the gallery above.

    $40.00 Regular Price
    $32.00Sale Price
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