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[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 215 Unique Linear Grooves & Drum Fills

[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 215 Unique Linear Grooves & Drum Fills

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced


Product bundle of 215 quick lessons in total made of 2 massive lesson packs:

- 115 Unique Linear Grooves

- 100 Unique Linear Drum Fills


A huge collection of 215 short GROOVE and DRUM FILL lessons in the well-known format:

  • 3 tempos (fast, medium, slow)
  • notation and sticking
  • no talking


What you get:

- lifetime access to files (with download option)

- small size (downloadable) and high quality (online view) videos

PDF file with all the notation

Music Notation Basics (PDF)


All the grooves and drum fills in this collection are linear which means that the instruments are played separately (we avoid hitting two at the same time). 


In this massive collection you’ll find tons of ideas and inspiration for linear grooves and drum fills. They are unusual and unique thanks to their musicality, phrasing, placement of certain notes, patterns, orchestration and other creative aspects.


See lesson examples in the gallery above.

    $42.00 Regular Price
    $38.00Sale Price
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