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[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 230 Easy & Creative Grooves and Drum Fills

[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 230 Easy & Creative Grooves and Drum Fills

ALL LEVELS (especially beginner and intermediate)


Product bundle of 230 quick lessons in total made of 2 huge lesson packs:

- 115 Easy & Creative Grooves

- 115 Easy & Creative Drum Fills


A huge collection of 230 short DRUM FILL and GROOVE lessons in the well-known format:

  • 3 tempos (fast, medium, slow)
  • notation and sticking
  • no talking


What you get:

- lifetime access to files (with download option)

- small size and high quality videos

PDF file with all the notation

Music Notation Basics (PDF)


All the drum fills and grooves in this collection are built using simple tools. I use just the main instruments (kick, snare, hi hat and toms), only basic techniques, rudiments and rhythmic patterns.


The creativity factor is based on the unique placement of certain notes and the musical approach to building the phrase.


See lesson examples in the gallery above.

    $44.00 Regular Price
    $18.00Sale Price
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