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[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 290 Pad Exercises

[PRODUCT BUNDLE] 290 Pad Exercises

LEVEL: all levels


Product bundle of 290 quick lessons in total made of 3 lesson packs:

- 40 Essential Rudiments

- 100 Beginner Pad Exercises

- 150 Daily Pad Exercises


A huge collection of 290 short PAD EXERCISES in the well-known format:

  • 2 tempos (fast/medium, slow)
  • notation and sticking
  • no talking (counting in some videos)


What you get:

- lifetime access to files (with download option)

- small size (downloadable) and high quality (online view) videos

PDF file with all the notation

Music Notation Basics (PDF)


This collection contains plenty concepts for hand technique. While the level of exercises in each pack is different, all of them are great for developing control, speed, dynamics, time, subdivisions and other general skills. They are interesting and always keep you engaged!


All the examples may also serve as perfect warmup exercises!


See lesson examples in the gallery above.

    $45.00 Regular Price
    $40.00Sale Price
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