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THE COMPLETE Single Bass Drum Workout

THE COMPLETE Single Bass Drum Workout

Dedicated for: all levels


Number of lessons: 6

Total no. of pages: 300+

Total no. of video presentations: 93

Total video presentations duration: 2h


THE COMPLETE SINGLE BASS DRUM WORKOUT course combines 6 e-books:


  • Foot Technique Fundamentals (the complete foot technqique explanation and pedal setup with videos and slow motion)
  • Double Bass Drum Strokes - The Practical Application lesson pack (a large concept lesson with 5 chapters: Introduction & Basics, In Grooves, Groove Examples, In Fills, Coordination Exercises)
  • The Single Bass Drum Exercises Book (100+ pages of different level exercises, notation and descriptions)
  • Keep The Bass Drum
  • The Copycat: Bass Drum Exercises


Together they form a complete practicing walkthrough to quickly and efficiently develop and strengthen your bass drum technique. When thoroughly practiced it will give you a great control over the pedal and ability to express your musical ideas in different situations that you find yourself in.


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